University Place Injury Attorney


Life is full of uncertainties. Though you have to take things as they come, it is not easy to accept quietly when you suffer life-altering injuries due to the carelessness of someone else. There is no reason why you should do so!

As per the provisions of personal injury law for residents of University Place, WA, those who are wrongfully injured have a right to claim compensation from the negligent party for the monetary and non-monetary loss they suffer.

Being represented by a qualified personal injury attorney is critical for making a successful claim. Dan Haire, Attorney at Law is one of the top choices when you need a competent and reliable injury attorney in University Place.

Serving the legal profession since 1986, we have vast experience in handling cases related to personal injury law. The practice areas of our injury attorney include, but are not limited to:

  • Car, bus, truck, and motorcycle accidents
  • Burn injuries
  • Work injuries
  • Slip and fall injuries

University Place Work Injury Lawyer


Have you or a loved one been hurt at work? Come to our work injury lawyer if you want to:

  • Understand the available legal options
  • Put a monetary value to the work-related injuries
  • File a lawful worker’s compensation claim
  • Win suitable damages and protect your rights

We have decades of experience as a work injury lawyer in the University Place area and are well-versed with the workers’ compensation laws applicable here. When you select us as your work injury lawyer, count on us to give sound advice and guide you through the legal procedures for claiming fair damages.

Our foremost objective as your work injury lawyer is to get you maximum recovery from your employer or any other concerned third-party like a manufacturer of defective machinery.

University Place Personal Injury Law


Our expertise as a personal injury attorney is not limited to work place injury representation. In addition to being a top-rated work injury lawyer, we are also the go-to attorney for cases related to many other areas of personal injury law prevalent in University Place.

Look no further than us if you want an injury attorney who knows the state personal injury law thoroughly and will:

  • Take a fee only if you win
  • Put up a vigorous fight on your behalf
  • Genuinely cares for your best interests

Looking to defend your rights under personal injury law and searching for an expert injury attorney in the University Place area to represent you? Call Dan Haire, Attorney at Law at (253) 922-1393.