Sumner Injury Attorney

Injury-Attorney-Sumner-WAHave you suffered through a personal injury at work or during a car ride? If so, you can hire our injury attorney near the Sumner, WA area. At the office of Dan Haire, Attorney at Law, we offer you the assistance of the best work injury lawyer in the region. Our in-house attorney can explain to you everything about personal injury law and your rights.

Dealing with the emotional as well as physical consequences of an injury or accident can be very stressful. We understand this, and our personal and work injury lawyer is here to help. What makes our injury attorney the best in Sumner?

  • We offer free consultation
  • No money upfront needed
  • Hospital & home visits provided

If you want to know about your rights under personal injury law, then get in touch with our attorney today.

Sumner Work Injury Lawyer

Work-Injury-Lawyer-Sumner-WAOur personal and work injury lawyer, Dan Haire, has more than 30 years of experience. He also has a deep knowledge of personal injury law and will help you easily understand your rights and claim settlement options. Whenever you need an injury attorney near you, you can reach out to our law firm right away.

In addition, the success rate of our law firm is another factor that makes us the number one injury attorney in the area. In case you have any other questions related to personal injury law, we are always here to help. Our personal and work injury lawyer near Sumner has the following qualities:

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Compassion

Since we work six days a week, you can schedule a consultation with our injury attorney at a time convenient for you.

Sumner Personal Injury Law

Personal-Injury-Law-Sumner-WAWhether you need our injury attorney for accidents related to truck, motorcycle, or a pedestrian injury, you can always count on us for legal assistance. Our personal and work injury lawyer also has a proven success record when it comes to litigating cases.

If you need help litigating a claim against your very own insurance company, you are at the right place. The next time you need a good work injury lawyer to represent you, schedule a consultation with us. You can hire us for your personal injury law requirements in Sumner for the following types of situations:

  • Auto accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents

You can count on us, call to schedule an appointment.

Thinking about hiring an injury attorney to understand your personal injury law rights in Sumner? Call Dan Haire, Attorney at Law at (253) 922-1393.