Milton Injury Attorney

Injury-Attorney-Milton-WADo you need a professional and experienced work injury lawyer to represent you after an accident? Then get in touch with Dan Haire, Attorney at Law. Our injury attorney offers services in the Milton, WA area. If you want to know your personal injury law rights and are looking to submit a claim, then we are the right choice for you.

If you have suffered through an accident that has caused you financial, emotional, and physical damage, then you can count on our personal and work injury lawyer for immediate assistance. Why is our injury attorney in Milton the best you will ever find?

  • No fee to be paid until you win
  • We work six days a week
  • Proven success record

Our in-house attorney has spent more than 30 years practicing personal injury law and providing exceptional claim settlement results to clients.

Milton Work Injury Lawyer

Work-Injury-Lawyer-Milton-WAWhen you hire our personal and work injury lawyer, he regularly keeps in touch with your physician, therapist, or healthcare provider. This is to ensure that you are healing from the accident and your side of the damages can be highlighted well while litigating your claims. This is another reason why you should hire our injury attorney for your personal injury law requirements.

Our work injury lawyer also helps you negotiate with insurance companies against negligent practices and their legal obligations towards a client. If you want to know how our lawyer can help you with your personal injury law claims, then give us a call today. You can find the following qualities in our in-house work injury lawyer near Milton:

  • Certification
  • License
  • Experience

You can schedule a consultation with our injury attorney throughout the week from Monday to Saturday by calling our office.

Milton Personal Injury Law

Personal-Injury-Law-Milton-WAOur work injury lawyer understands that you cannot easily go back and forth to a personal injury law firm after an accident. To accommodate our clients, we provide hospital and home visits if necessary when you hire the services of our injury attorney.

Along with this, our work injury lawyer does not charge any money upfront, only pay when you win, which is an added bonus for clients. Our personal injury law office in Milton is available if you have suffered through any of these situations:

  • Bus accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Burn injuries

Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

Want to hire an injury attorney in Milton? Then call Dan Haire, Attorney at Law at (253) 922-1393.