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Searching for a car accident lawyer in Kent, WA, or nearby areas? Dan Haire, Attorney at Law, is a well-reputed Kent car accident lawyer who is here to help!

Since 1986, Dan has been working as a Kent car accident lawyer assisting people with their legal rights and receiving fair compensations pertaining to their medical and rehabilitation bills, as well as their pain and sufferings. As your Kent car accident lawyer, Dan can also help you with the reimbursement of lost wages and vehicle repair fees. From pursuing the accidental and injury claim settlements to dealing with legal complexities, your Kent car accident lawyer can help you with your physical, emotional, and financial loss.

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Kent Accident Lawyer


Accidents happen unannounced, so you need to have a good Kent accident lawyer who can help you in situations that are beyond your control. Your Kent accident lawyer can do out-of-court settlement to cover your urgent costs. Your Kent accident lawyer can also represent you in the court and help you receive compensations depending upon the nature of the accident and your case. For this reason, hiring a credible Kent accident lawyer is crucial.

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Your trusted Kent accident lawyer, Dan Haire, Attorney at Law, is just a call away!

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Kent Car Accident Attorney


Why should you go for a reputable Kent car accident attorney? While you are not obligated to hire a Kent car accident attorney, hiring a good Kent car accident attorney can increase your chances of success and improve what you get for settlement.

Whether your accident involved a car, bus, truck, semitruck, bicycle, or a pedestrian, it is recommended that you consult a reliable Kent car accident attorney immediately. As your Kent car accident attorney, Dan will look into the matter, discuss with you the legal details, and will come up with a plan that benefits you the most.

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